If you enjoy travelling to amazing places then perhaps you'll be interested in the following: In December, I'll be making my 11th trip to Colombia.... a place where I've spent a year and a half worth of time so far.

While there, I'll be available to do private, customized tours for a really reasonable price. They can be photography oriented tours or just tourism oriented.

Why Colombia? It's beautiful! It's colourful! The people are full of life and friendly! It's a rather mountainous country, but Colombia also boasts some really nice coastlines and beaches meaning that there's a variety of climates and places to suit a variety of preferences.

You can enjoy museums and fine dining in cities like Bogota or you can go to small towns where you'll feel like you've gone back in time three hundred years (where they don't allow fast food restaurants or malls) and enjoy the food which is typical of the region. I really enjoy the food of Colombia too!

You can stay in nice hotels or resorts or for the more budget minded people such as myself, one can stay in basic places that are $20. - $35 per night.

Do you like adventure sports? Adventure tourism is becoming bigger and bigger in Colombia. I know of one town where they have white water rafting, repel, bungee jumping, zip line and paragilding. Nearby is a quiet old colonial town and a great waterfall.

Contrary to what people tend to think, it's actually quite safe to travel to Colombia these days! I have never had a single problem in all my time there.

I'll be in Colombia (and in Ecuador for 2 - 4 weeks) until April 4th.

I also have a friend who's a tour operator working on putting together an incredible tour / photography workshop which will feature a remote location that I would describe as being the equivalent to Ayer's Rock (Uluru) in Australia but without the masses of tourists. I've been to more locations in Colombia than most Colombians and I haven't even been to this cool spot yet.

If anyone is interested in discussing the options, let me know.


This shot was taken along the Pacific Coast of Colombia.


This shot shows the amazing magenta coloured algae blooms that occurs between June and December at a river in a remote area of Colombia.


A nice sunset showing one of my favorite little towns, Salento. 


The amazing greens and magenta flowers of Valle de Cocora.

El Pueblo ViejoEl Pueblo ViejoThis Cathedral is located in the main square in the tiny old town of Barichara, Colombia

A cathedral in one of the oldest little towns in Colombia.


Village TwilightVillage TwilightThis sunset shot was taken from a vantage point between the tiny town of Taganga and Playa Grande on the Atlantic Coast of Colombia. An incredible sunset along the Atlantic Coast of Colombia.


El ChontaduroEl ChontaduroThis is a fruit and vegetable stand that my amigo Capeto and I saw when going up into the mountains of Antioquia, in Colombia.
The beautiful, red coloured fruits are called Chontaduro and they grow on a certain type of palm tree.
Hanging Chontaduro fruits at a roadside stand.

Once Upon a TimeOnce Upon a TimeThis is the fairytale-like Santuario de Las Lajas Roman Catholic Cathedral in Southern Colombia near the border of Ecuador.

This beautiful Basilica Church has been built in various stages between 1916 and 1949 in a gorge on the Guaitara River.

The week I ended up going just happened to be during the busy Semana Santa holiday, however, I was fortunate in that the busiest times were a couple days after I was there.

On the way back to Pasto and beyond there were plenty of people doing the pilgrimage to Las Lajas along the road.

It was definitely an amazing place and I have had it on my list of places to shoot in Colombia for several years but due to the fact that it's an out of the way destination it took until this year for me to get there.

An amazing Cathedral built in a small town near Ecuador.