Thomas Dawson is a travel, nature and landscape photographer from Vancouver Island, Canada. His main objective is to capture beautiful and inspirational moments in time at some of the most amazing places on Earth. His travels have taken him to a diversity of places such as China, Thailand, Colombia, the Canadian Rocky Mountains, Cambodia, plus several other countries including the United States.

He loves to visit and capture grandiose scenes that feature vivid colours but his goal is to show the world far more than just iconic locations. On Vancouver Island, Thomas has diligently searched for and found locations out in the forests and mountains that no other photographer has ventured to and these photos are part of his 'My Secret Paradise' series.


Having lived on Vancouver Island for his entire life, Thomas has extensively explored the island and can act as your personal guide to a variety of beautiful island locations. You can see and photograph everything from rugged coastlines to stunning waterfalls, thick lush forests with old growth trees or mountains featuring pristine alpine lakes. He also puts on the occasional workshop which features the best locations on Vancouver Island.

Many people have commented how there's a spiritual element in addition to a relaxing appeal to a lot of his photos and this is reflective of his inner nature. Aside for his love of being out in nature, he enjoys playing musical instruments, writing and recording original songs and he promotes a healthy lifestyle.


For the past many years Thomas has been working on a book wherein he shares his life adventures, philosophies and thoughts on a variety of interesting topics including spirituality, health and healing. This book has grown into three Volumes and is titled 'Getting Real in the Unreal World - The Story of a Rude Awakening'. Volume one will be released in mid 2017. The other two volumes are currently being edited.


Oh and by the way, the song you hear playing when you initially view the site is an original song that Thomas wrote and recorded called 'Sail the Seas'. He did all the vocals and played all the instruments except for using a drum machine.